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New Doors & Door Installations

Doors of Distinction
New Doors &
Door Installations

First impressions are important. At Doors of Distinction, we make sure that impression lasts a long time. We start with a top quality door and paint or stain it to match the decor at your home. Our paint finish is a durable, maintenance-free automotive coating that holds it’s shine for years. Our stain finish is carefully matched so it blends with your woodwork. While most “box stores” offer a handful of finishes at best, we have an almost limitless palette to choose from.

Entry Door Installation Craftsmanship

What is craftsmanship?

Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced over the course of a career. It is the quality that defines the difference between a Home Center door and a door by Doors of Distinction.

“Craftsmanship is what we should strive for, for the sake of both our reputations
and our clients’ satisfaction.”

We recognize craftsmanship in the attention to the little details. Doors of Distinction, installers of the finest doors, strive relentlessly for perfection in their work. From their simplest doors to their most complicated artesian doors, the details are what makes the difference.

We recognize craftsmanship in an object’s functionality. Doors of Distinction doors, window, decks, and porches are designed with an eye towards real use by families and their guests. Well-crafted and highly effective don’t have to be expensive either, it’s all in the package when you work with a professional door installation company.

We recognize craftsmanship in an object’s durability. A door should last decades and look great even with the test of time. Our doors will last and will provide a lifetime of functional service. Many of our Therma-Tru Doors have a lifetime warranty. You can’t make that claim as a manufacturer unless you really have a great product. Try finding a statement like that with siding or shingles. 🙂

Craftsmanship does not have to be expensive. Our relationships with the best manufacturers bring you the best doors at affordable prices.